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If you decide to appoint an architect for any services, your project budget will may need to cover their fee and any third party costs. Appointments of other consultants and specialists may need to be made directly by you. We will give you an extensive advice on the matter during our Initial Meeting and review the design team at every step of the project.


The typical third party consultants that may be involved in the design process are as follows:




- cost consultant or quantity surveyor (QS)

- land/building surveyor

- party wall surveyor


engineering consultants:


- civil engineer (including geotechnics)

- structural engineer


building services consultants:


- mechanical (heating and ventialtion) engineer

- electrical engineer

- lighting consultant


other consultants and specialists:


- planning consultant

- CDM coordinator

- health and safety consultant

- project administrator

- landscape designer

- acoustic consultant

- conservator

- access consultant

- fire engineering consultant

- interior designer

- security advisor, etc.



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