better design via enhanced communication


From the moment we begin discussing your project a lot of written and drawn information will start being produced. We use tested and trusted online platforms from where you can acces all your project-related information, work with it, leave comments, upload your own, and we offer it all free of charge! The online services are 100% confidential. So only you, us and people you grant an access to can view or edit the information. Please have a look below at each of the online tools  that aid the design process.



                  A360: collaboration cloud service for 3D models and 2D drawings


Autodesk cloud service connects project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud, with no need for costly IT setup. Participants stay better connected in real-time using the Communicator chat tool within models. With Revit and Autodesk A360 integration, the entire project team is able to view, search, and socially interact on models:








                   GoogleDrive: cloud storage 


It is a virtual storage for all the project-related information we produce. You can upload any documents also. Please, see how it works by clicking on the GoogleDrive icon above.




                     Pinterest: inspiration


From our experience we found that the best design brain-storming tool is Pinterest. You can create as many as you wish private picture boards where you and us can pin to anything that inspires you or gives a great idea for your own project design. By default we create one board for your project, however please feel free to create as many as you wand. Just don't forget to add us as participants (  Please, see how it works by clicking on the Pinterest icon above.




                     Vcita: all your appointments, messages, invoices and payments in one place


Vcita is a safe and secure Client Engagement Platform. From there you can access all your historic and open appointments, payments and invoices. Also all our Vcita-based conversations are recorder and stored there. Please, see how it works by clicking on the Vcita icon above and login with your email if you are already registered with us.

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