final project brief



A clear brief is essential to the success of your project. A client brief explains to others in detail what your project is about and your requirements before, during and after the build.


As the client, you will have requirements and expectations that will assist us, constructing or using the structure or building. Sharing these at an early stage can help shape how each design team member approaches, plans and accommodates your requirements.


The final project brief will have to be signed off by you and it will address the following:

/ the aim of the design, including:

  - prioritised Project Objectives

  - accommodation requirements, including disabled access policy

  - space standards

  - environmental requirements and policy, including energy

  - image and quality

  - flexibility to accommodate future reorganisation, expansion  or extension

  - lifespan of the structure, elements and installations

  - operational and maintenance requirements

  - othe special considerations (


/ the site, including details of accessibility and planning:

  - site constraints (physical and legal)


/ the functions and activities of the client:

  - schedule of functions or processes

  - activities

  - spatial relationships

  - schedule of installations


/ the structure of the client organisation

/ the size and configuration of facilities

/ options for environmental delivery and control

/ servicing options and specification implications, e.g. security, delieries, access, workspace

/ outline specifications of general and specific areas

/ a budget for all elements

/ the procurement process

/ the Project Execution Plan

/ key targets for quality, time and cost, including milestones for decisions

/ method for assessing and managing risks and validating design proposals



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