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ArchiLab 7 is a dynamic RIBA Chartered design-led practice that specialises in creating high-performance environments and places for people, businesses, and brands that are re-defining tomorrow. All our projects share a unifying theme – a design that is sustainable, sympathetic to its local setting, creates values to clients, and meets the end-users needs.


our design


ArchiLab 7 creates modern, elegant, intelligent and sustainable residential buildings and both indoor/outdoor spaces that increase all aspects of living standards. We offer a generation of truly original and fresh architectural ideas. Our inquiring minds and a constant desire for inspiration are fed by in-house led architectural research, various professional seminars and exhibitions.


our aims


  /  to remain a small bespoke studio delivering high quality creative and practical, but ultimately very personal design service

  /  to make good quality architectural advice and services affordable and available to a wider number of clients


five reasons why we are different

  we are affordable and approachable:

    / we provide extensive consultation-only services and no job is too small

    / our flexible client-orientated pricing model makes architects' services available to everybody

    / lost in a design/construction maze? which consultant to choose? we offer free 15 mins consultations


  we deliver quality:

    / we thrive to work out the design that is in the ultimate equilibrium between the budget, timescale, clients vision and the added value to the project

    / we ensure each project gets our full attention and manage only a small amount of jobs. Less is more.

    / we determined to create a responsible and responsive architecture that increases all aspects of living standards

    / our designs are always environmentally aware


  we are efficient:

    / we get things done. On time. 

    / we are ambitious but not greedy. We manage our workload well and run only one full-size project or a few smaller ones at a time


  our clients are our prime concern:

    / we encourage strong two-way communication, building close and enduring relationships with the clients, thus making the designs better and more bespoke

    / our aim is to make the process special and enjoyable that yields full customer satisfaction with the result

    / client have free full access to all their invoices and payments online and the comprehensive design aid platforms

    / we provide full access to the designs and information by allocating  free personal online storage facility


  we stay inspired and informed:

    / we carry out in-house research and explores practical design application of Complex Systems like Evolutionary Algorithms, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Diffusion and Reaction processes, and other topics that explore the processes of emergence of form and spatial organisation.

  / we attend current relevant professional seminars and exhibitions.


RIBA affiliated


ArchiLab 7 Ltd. is a RIBA Chartered Practice. To become a Chartered Practice, architects practices need to comply with strict criteria in an accreditation scheme that gives you, the client, a mark of quality. By choosing a RIBA Chartered Practice you can expect a certain level of excellence in design and service. The scheme has been developed by RIBA following client and government feedback. It ensures that all accredited members work to a set of standards and have in place:


    / Appropriate professional indemnity insurance
    / Quality management systems
    / Health and safety policy
    / Employment policy
    / Continuing professional development for all staff

    / A written environmental management policy



our services



Designing and building your dream living space is indeed a complicated and multifaceted process, however, it is very structured and made out of simple 12 steps that we have grouped up into 5 stages for simplicity and they are based on RIBA plan of works. Please follow the links below to see the stages of a standard project that will guide you through the typical duties we perform during each step of each stage:


  project stages


    / initial appraisal

    / concept design

    / planning and other permissions

    / technical design & tender

    / construction & post-construction


Every client wants to achieve their vision within the project budget and avoiding unnecessary delays. We can help you to achieve this ultimate goal by leading you through just a few stages or the entire project, you choose. Also, you are free to decide whether to use our service on the consultations-only or commission basis.


We offer a wide range of bespoke architectural services for the following:


  commercial and residential project types


    / new builds

    / extensions 

    / internal remodelling and renovation

    / outdoor living spaces

    / architectural elements and detailing

    / bespoke furniture design



our fees



The cost of a good design is a small part of the total construction cost and is insignificant in comparison to the maintenance and operating costs of the building over its life time. It is worth investing in the skills of design professionals as early as possible in the process when they can add the most value to the outcome. During the Initial Appraisal stage, we can spend time understanding your needs and helping to shape your objectives. Early design team engagement can help establish whether the Strategic Brief is feasible and viable in relation to the business case and possible sites. Both, you and we should clearly understand what you want at the very early stage, as it may prevent problems as the project progresses. It is your project, and we will want to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.


Our fees depend on your chosen level of our involvement and the type of the project. You could choose either to have only consultations or full/partial commission.

hourly fee schedule, new clients:

  our hourly  rates with multi-buy discounts:


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            Terms and Conditions apply.


hourly fee schedule, returning clients enjoy extra 20% discount:

  our hourly rates with multi-buy discounts:


            Terms and Conditions apply.


commissions/fixed fee contracts:

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