September 7, 2018

American architect turned 3D print pioneer R. Platt Boyd believes that plastic frameworks are set to revolutionise what forms are possible in construction. Boyd’s two-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee–based startup, Branch Technology, is pioneering a next-generation vari...

July 5, 2013

Paper: Kita, E._2010_Investigation of self-organising map for genetic algorithm (pdf)

Mentioned in this bolg post
Real-coded GA - opposite to binary-coded algorithms, crossover/mutation is performed on

the digits of the "normal", decimal representation of the i...

July 1, 2013

Brudaru, O. (2011) Cellular Genetic Algorithm With Communicating Grids For A Delivery Problem (pdf)

Quick introduction to Cellular GA (CGA) 
It is a kind of evolutionary algorithm in which each individual crosses over with it closest neighbor  The algorithm...

June 30, 2013

Summary of the method
Hakimi-Asiabar, M._2009_Multi-objective genetic local search algorithm using Kohonens neural map (pdf)
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June 30, 2013


Delanda M_Leach N_The Limits of Urban Simulation_interview (pdf)

Leach N_Swarm Urbanism (pdf)

Miranda P_2000_Swarm Modelling_The use of Swarm Intelligence to generate Architectural Form (pdf)

Ramos, Almeida_Artificial Ant Colonies in Digital Image Habitats...

June 21, 2013

symb(i/o)tika: Machine Learning: "... if we move in the direction of making machines which learn and whose behavior is modified by experience, we must face the fact that every degree of independence we give the machine is a degree of possible defiance of our wishes."


March 7, 2013

Love, J. Pasquier, P. Wyvill, B.Tzanetakis, G. (2011). Aesthetic Agents_Swarm-based Non-photorealistic Rendering (pdf)

Werfel, J._2006_Extended Stigmergy in Collective Construction.In Life  Intelligent Systems (pdf)

Ramos, V. Stigmergic Self-Organised Data-Mining  (p...

January 7, 2013

Spuybroek, L. (2011) The sympathy of things. Chapter five: The ecology of design (thoughts on the book, Pt 1)

VitorinoRamos_On the Implicit and on the Artificial (pdf)(summary and contemplation)

J.Kim_C.Bouchard_other_A Study on Designers Mental Process of  Informati...

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